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All services provided by Ball Construction, Renovations & Maintenance are done so with quality and care. With over 30 years working in the industry, our team of professionals come together to provide our clients with the products they need for their home or their office. Check out some of our specific services below and get in touch for a free estimate.

Construction/Renovations: Service


With 30 years experience in the construction industry we have plenty of experience working with architects and designers and also have the knowledge to help you design your extension or new build!

Cinder Blocks
White Paint


We understand how difficult it can be to undertake a full home renovation especially if your trying to juggle work and choosing what materials to use for your home along with worrying about trades coming on time! Thats why when you choose Ball Construction we guide you through the process and take care of your project planning! The fact we take care of every job in your home means you do not have to chase different trades to arrive on days on which they are needed as we have this covered!


Do you have an unused room or find one of your rooms to be a bit small? We offer the tools and expertise to change these rooms into an open plan room! Why not knock that spare room into the kitchen and turn both into a great room for entertaining or spending time with the family!

Sunny Kitchen
Richard Crosbie - Bathroom.jpg


Overtime our bathrooms can become dated and start to look a little dirty! Why not revamp your bathroom and bring it up to date! we will help you choose the right equipment for your bathroom and install it for you!


If your home feels cold we can help you warm it up by recommending and installing insulation types for your home! Whether it be insulating your attic or warm boarding outside walls we can recommend whats best for you and complete the work to the highest standard!

Drywall Repair and Restoration


Ceilings or walls damaged? Sick of stipled ceilings! We offer a full platerboarding and plastering service to our customers! All walls completley smooth on completion!!


Most of us need a bit more space in the House whether it be for an extra child arriving or somewhere to watch TV! We offer a full attic conversion service including stair installation!

Man Measuring Window
Scraping of Wallpaper


A home can be transformed with a lick of paint! We offer full painting and decorating services to our customers! Including removal of old wallpaper, patching damaged walls, painting and wallpapering!


The Above sections are just some of our most regular projects but we cover all aspects in Construction and Renovations! Please do not hesitate to speak to us today about your project!

Modern Kitchen
Ran Rooms0073.jpg


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 1pm

​Sunday: Closed

Contact Numbers:​

Construction, Renovations, Maintenance - 

Christopher Ball: 0863490300

Electrical Works, Maintenance & Call outs -

Gavin Ball: 0868243346

Ian Ball: 0852883524

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